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Types of Call Center Services provided by Sam studio

According to our patron’s requirements, we at Sam studio delivers different types of call center services to improve their business. We are one of the emerging company delivers world-class outsourcing solutions to your critical business issues. Whether you are serving goods for different industries, we are only the source to connect your business professionals with you. Our call center services are followed by,

Upon the given command from the interviewer, the computer system dials the telephone number automatically and makes a call to the responders with the assistance of computer software applications. Sam studio offers two types of CATI services to different business are followed by -
Incoming/Inbound Call center services, Outgoing/outbound call center services, CATI, Email & Support, Chat Support

Incoming/Inbound Call center Services

The inbound call center is in the process of responding inbound call made by your customers. According to your business regarding or else, particular product regarding your customers will raise a question to sellers. In this case, business owners should ready to provide depth explanation about your customer queries. This process is uniquely known as incoming or inbound call center services. A good and genuine call center can maintain either inbound calls or outbound calls or both the inbound and outbound calls together.

We at Sam Studio having an expertise and experienced professionals take a call for you to rectify your client’s questionaries’. In this inbound call center services, your exclusive customers will make a call to customer care or call center and ask anything about your products, hence, as a business provider should recruit customer care or call center representatives to help your customers by solving their questions with a call.

The performance of inbound call center agent is measured by using First call resolution (FCR), Average Handled Time (AHT) and time in a queue. Our Sam studio works on your timely based project, according to the service level agreements made with both our call center services and your business owners mutual business agreements.

Outgoing/Outbound Call Center Services

Outgoing/outbound call center services from Sam studio helping many industries such as retail, banking, education, agriculture, healthcare, telecommunications, travel, and cable, etc. we are one of the best outsourcing vendors for your BPO as well as KPO needs. Our both business process outsourcing and knowledge process outsourcing are the most favorable services for our potential clients across the globe.

With our outbound call center solutions, we are delivering quality solutions for both your sales and services. Our unique and personalized call center service will help to reduce your business costs and savings time to achieve your business goal within the shortest turnaround time period.

Business Process Outsourcing

In common, most of the people are calling BPO is a call center service. Because of lack of insight, only the people in the business sector they know the difference between the BPO and KPO. BPO stands BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING and KPO stands KNOWLEDGE PROCESS OUTSOURCE. BPO vendors are handling the service, related to the improvement of business in business level like,

It covers both the back office and front office operations. It focused the company production, sales, labor, tools, machine, chemical or biological formulation, etc. Only it is implementing the steps, which is used to develop the company on its calculation and clarification based like other than knowledge or skill based processes. For this service, the staffs no need to have a highly qualify, enough for low-level qualification. In the new age, the youngsters are like to work in the BPO Company for time pass. For example, customer care center, data entry, etc.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

KPO stands KNOWLEDGE PROCESS OUTSOURCING which handles the knowledge with research based service from the companies.India is the specialist for the KPO services. It has the response to deliver the services for the specific time period like a project submission. The KPO team wants a specialized knowledge to handle this outsourcing to deliver a high-end service. KPO is focusing only the updating technical knowledge, investment, market updating and so on. We assure that we are becoming better in the few years after in outsourcing services in India both BPO and KPO. It offers the services to its clients like,

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