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Software Testing

Sam Studio provides end to end automation testing services to accelerate customer business expansion by reducing the business risks, in turn achieving higher reliability and better turns on investment. Our employees in Sam Studio drive the service carefully, aligned and integrated around all the phase of the development cycle. We perform you the best in providing automation testing service.

Automation testing is automatic testing, automatic testing is the type that deals with the software, this automatic testing is a necessary staple for most projects in order to remove the risk and ensure quality. Automatic testing helps to reduce whole testing time, provides higher productivity and drives greater predictability to help minimize time to market. Automated software testing is a process in which software tools execute pre- scripted tests on a software application before it is released into production.

  • Server side issues
  • Compatibility of Web App with server OS
  • On- side testing of Proxy servers
  • Client side issues
  • Hardware
  • Operating system
  • Correct file and directory creation Web App
  • System security measure does not degrade user service by Web App
  • Testing Web App with distributed server configuration.
  • Web App Properly integrated with database software
  • Correct execution of Web App script
  • Browser Software
  • User Interface Components
  • User Interface Software
  • Plug-ins Testing & Connectivity
  • Examination system administration error for impact on Web App

Functional Testing

Functional testing is the source of software testing service, it helps in testing the application of business needs and requirements. Functional testing is performed using the functional specifications of clients needs and design specifications given by the design team. It validates according to the behavior of the application. A type of quality assurance testing that consists of ensuring the compliance of a system, product or a component against its specified functional requirements to ensure proper functionality.

The functional testing system is very important for the software system because, it plays the main role of the system and it always verifies that your system is fixed for release. The functional test defines your working system in a useful manner. The validation is important, that should be mentioned for every functional test. The unit test, system test, regression test, system integration test and acceptance tests are included in the functional testing that ensures the quality of the end product.

India is having a lot of best outsourcing services in software testing; because of India consist of hardworking, adaptable, quality in work, time management in its outsourcing. In abroad they won't ready to spend extra expense except their core business. So, far in the software testing our outsourcing SAM STUDIO is also one of the leading service providers in India. Our qualified professionals will handle the software testing with robust and versatile. Our team knows your needs and importance about the software and test with more secure and without data loss. Methods of testing consist of - a) Automated testing b) SAP testing

Choosing our outsourcing service

Strong base for testing plan
Quick response at affordable price
Using latest testing tools
Expert team

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