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Bookkeeping Services

Whether it is hard to maintain the bookkeeping services; don't be stunned, our outsourcing Sam Studio having the well-talented accountant team and the latest software to assist your bookkeeping services. We are having the clients all over the world and still we are servicing them successful. Bookkeeping service is a simple service for the outsource vendors, but it is most sensitive service. Multi-level companies are now started approaching us, for this service because of bookkeeping work of their company is increasing day-to-day.

To avoid the additional work for that type of core companies, we are supporting with our different types of bookkeeping service. We were having a lot of schemes in this service, is dependent upon the need of the business needs they can select the services and outsource to us with flexibility. By getting outsource with us, you can feel that we were having the low cost of service compare with the competitors. All this service will be finished, depending upon the clients selecting the scheme.Process of our bookkeeping service contains- Server Based, Remote access, Application Service Providers

Our Bookkeeping Services

Preparing sales report
Cash flow statement
Account payable service
Ledger maintenance
Profit and loss statement
Balance sheet service

Credit card reconciliation
Account receivable
Final statement preparation
Petty cash statement

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