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Outgoing / Outbound Call Center Services

BPO solutions will help to your targeted audience by delivering goods to your customers without any threads. We are specialized in wide range of BPO solutions to improve your business revenue with reduced costs to save money and manpower. Sam studio having outbound call center from multiple locations to serve our customers from different countries. We are good experts in services, solutions and technology to your multiple business requirements. From the last decade of years, we serve different industries and companies to ramp up their business status into the leading competitive marketing edge.We are 24 hours working company, equipped with expertise and experienced professionals; they are working on different shifts among our clients projects based and always ready to understand your marketing demands and delivers world class solutions at the possible time schedule. We are not only working for money. The only motto behind our outsourcing services is, to providing world class business relationship between your business and customers.

Begin the successful business does not depend on how much you spent, it highly depends how to promote and make a good opinion on your business in front of your targeted audiences. Hence, contact, Sam studio and delivers your needs whether it would be business process outsourcing or knowledge process outsourcing, we can ready to handle. In any of the core or non-core business customer service is foremost to ramp up their business into next generation. Sam Studio focusing on outgoing/outbound call center services to boost customer satisfaction because they are a backbone for all the business; companies can achieve their goals only by customer service. So handle the non-core work for our outsourcing, to service your customers in the form of clarification, price issues, expose the packages, technical guidance, align the faults etc. with professional outbound call center services. By using the latest technology software we will support the customers like online communication, live communication, Telephone guiding, E-mail response to resist the problem and so on.

Our outbound call center services include
  • Telephonic auditing services
  • Telemarketing services
  • Lead generation
  • Follow up and collections
  • Surveying and market research
  • Appointment setting

Also we research and analyze the competitor's customer guidance to evaluate your customer's satisfaction and if any defects are identified means our team will apply the strongest steps to avoid those defects. We are also clearing the doubts for customers by creating the FAQ in your web page. It will help the customers by answering if the same questions arise on their mind. Acquiring the new customers is must necessary in the customer service. We obtain new customers with our outbound call center services to increase products sales rank. They all are obtaining by the telephone calling, advertisement, online marketing, direct marketing etc. These jobs will be done by our Sam Studio team, because of their past year experience in the worldwide companies. Small business owners are facing difficult business issues by handles the customer service due to low investment. And also, relieve your staffs from the additional workload. You never worry about the knowledge and skills about your products, Sam Studio team will have the knowledge as well as on-time employees. Never need, the training for our employees from your company, only they need the big bug releases about the company. In our outbound service we expose to customers some of the product packages through telephony about a recommendation of the product, product reach, feedback collection, product clarification, analyzing customer satisfaction, e-mail follow-up etc. With consist of suitable flat form process of our team will engage customers to purchase clients product through their service option. In this service our talented team members initially call to customers and expose product description. Also, we will approach through E-mail. Care helps to gadgets company profit and product feedback.

Outgoing call center offers

Increased sales and productivity

Outbound services is helpful to increase the sales and the productivity

Increased orders

Outbound services is helpful to increase the order of particular prodcut or services

Evaluate customers satisfaction

It is helpful to evaluate customers satisfaction by providing full information

Feedback collection

With outbound we can collect the feedback which is very essential to know

Online communication facilities

Its provide online communication facilities to know about particular services

Reducing In-home expense

It is helpful to reduce the extra expenses and save your time

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