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CATI and Email & letters Services

CATI is defined by “Computer Assistance Telephonic Interviewing”. CATI is the telephonic surveying process which runs with the software application provided by the telephone. It's built using the combination of micro data’s and it allows users to make interviews to the participant through the computerized applications. The CATI system is mainly used for big organizations and B2B (Business to Business) sales. The inbuilt software application allows an interviewer to take a computerized interview to the participants with the computer screen by dialing automated calls through the computer-aided system for people. The sequence of questions will ask for the participants, on the other hand, side, the responder answers will display on the interviewer side computer screen.

Upon the given command from the interviewer, the computer system dials the telephone number automatically and makes a call to the responders with the assistance of computer software applications. Sam studio offers two types of CATI services to different business are followed by,

Automated computer telephonic interview
It is the automated technique, with the recognition of interviewer’s voice, the computerized system asking serious of questions to the responders. On the other hand side, it has recorded the answers and stores it in their own databases.

Computer assisted web interviewing
CAWI is the most popular internet surveying technique which follows by many industrial and commercial purposes. The computer system will conduct the test, it has many inbuilt applications which serve sequence of questions to the respondents. The interviewees follow the script provided by the websites. The multiple questions will as from computer system and the questionnaire contains different questions which contain Images, video clips, audios through different web links.

The answer provided by the respondents will save into their system automatically. The individual server will split into a different computer system which allows users to log on the website through the login and password provided to the each and individual interviewees. The computer aided system having built with micro data’s that have frequently dictated the answers and provide results to the each and individual participates through the website. Many of educational, banking, corporate, industries are following this computer assisted web interviewing to select candidates from multiple locations.

Email & letters Services

Email and chat support make the proper communication between customers and organizations. Nowadays, email has become one of the strongest communication mediums in the globe. The importance of email & support grows among targeted marketing industry among larger organizations. They are receiving the bulk amount of emails every hour, here they most require better assistance to respond their customer’s queries. It is the biggest part to improve the better the communication between their core services and their happiest customers.

By keeping this concept and technical factors in mind, Sam studio offering email and support services for both technical and non-technical products and services. Our business motto is, offering valuable answers through emails to make best customer satisfactions. It provides the best way to increase your business efficiency among competitive marketing environments. To reduce business risks and feedback about your business products and services, we proudly deliver professional email & support services to our patron’s needs. We can improve the customer experience about your business to make a direct response to their queries through email and chats.

Chat Support Services

Chat support helps to make better communication between your customers through online live chat technique. Nowadays improving online marketing competencies, people have more queries about the desired products and services they are going to buy or already they bought from the service providers. Hence, they will get doubts on their functionalities and other things. For contacting customers directly to solve their business services or product related questions, business owners would like to keep contacts or live chat forms in their websites itself.

Most of the B2B businesses receive many questions through the live chat forums. By the time, to improve customer experience, they need to answer their client questions. Otherwise, they may lose their valuable customers. Sam studio is the globalized outsourcing services provider’s delivers best outsourcing chat support services to our customers across the globe.

We have a team of professionals who can ready to undertake business processing outsourcing and knowledge processing solutions to improve our customer’s business. Our expert team will analyze current marketing demands and delivers best class solutions to your business requirements. Sam studio experts in delivering both email& support services and chat support services to solve our customer’s queries by providing the immediate response.

Benefits of outsourcing with Sam studio

Sam studio serving professional outsourcing inbound, outbound, CATI, Email and chat support services under our call center business services outsourcing to engage your present and future audiences and build trustworthy customer relationship among various countries. Get professional outsourcing services from Sam studio for your different types of industrial needs at low prices and fast turnaround time. Visit our website and send your email inquiries to us and get a more beneficial offer from our excellent and skilled professionals.

Outsourcing customer support services will help to build up your larger organizations without any risk
It saves your precious time and reduces operational costs
It builds trustworthy customers by making better communication among your targeted audiences and your business core products.
A best customer relationship will build strong influence about the quality of services and products of yours
It provides the way to concentrate on your core business
Best customer support services will provide a good impression about your business.

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