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Optical Character Recognition

Sam studio offers (OCR) Optical character recognition services to your different types of files formats such as images, written documents, and PDF files into editable data formats which are searchable by using computer-assisted systems. The process of converting or transforming the documents into the editable version of documents called OCR. The reason of outsourcing OCR services to Sam Studio will bring much beneficial to your organizational business needs. If you want to manage your business information's without any hazards, and then contacts our team. We can convert your image formatted or portable documents format files into readable and editable by scanning with computer made or computer scanners and deliver you at affordable formats.

OCR services will help for many industrial purposes such as billing, invoicing and other types of legal business processing. It will extract the business information's from any kinds of sources and store it in desire databases. It allows user to convert your printed or electronic formats into editable text versions. Optical character recognition technique also helps to transform your image based documents into searchable formats. We can convert your computer scanning file formats by using computer ASCII codes. This technique will helps for both industrial and technological needs to serve many industrial purposes. If you want to reduce your business complexities within less cost and make your job done within fast turnaround time schedule, let us know. We are 24 hours working company, we can deliver your cost effective services at any time with our experienced professionals.

Our data management services professionals effectively understand your business components and delivers suitable outcomes with secure OCR software; we never use any kinds of insecure or tough software technology tools to transform your data's into searchable formats. With the help of our equipped software development professionals, we have made special OCR supported tools to convert your electronic or image formats files into text edited version.

In common the companies they having huge amount of raw data entries in the printed form, and also upcoming data's are waiting to fill the company as full of paper sheet. Did you want to avoid? Simply approach our outsourcing SAM STUDIO to convert all of the paper entries into softcopy. We are using latest OCR software to convert the all the text formats like handwriting data entries, text in hardcopy, images into softcopy. OCR is a technology of capturing and scanning of text format using scanner and convert them into electronic ASCII code. And then our high-end optical character recognition system automatically fed, read and sort data the data's. We serve these services to government officials, back office for hospitals, banks sectors, insurance companies, educational institutions, IT companies etc. With our high speed OCR system we offer this service in low cost-effective.

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