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Civil Engineering Services

SAM STUDIO provides tailor-made outsource service providing company. Our civil engineers have worked in multi-level civil construction companies in worldwide. So they are able to handle the valuable outsourcing civil services like commercial and residential buildings, hotels, hospitals, Transport roads, river bridges, railway bridges, water distribution plans, dam structure, canals, sanitation, city planning, parks, industrial infrastructure. Our civil engineers handling all these work with dominant and adaptable.

Civil Engineering Services

Construction services

Construction service is of one of the salient features of civil engineering services. In these days, a leading construction companies are having a fantastic plan for public and private buildings. Our outsourcing SAM STUDIO is ameliorating for a construction project in the form of CAD conversion, 2D drafting, 3D modeling, BIM information's, building layout, auto CAD and so on. With our experienced construction engineers, we will give a complete layout of a building both inside and outside the structure. It will help to expand the construction business into another level.

Paper to CAD conversion

Are you tired in continuous searching of converting hand drawing into digital format? It will end here. We are having latest software tools for converting paper drawings into digital format. And also, our talented team will handle this conversion work without making any errors. In civil engineering service construction pre-plan is foremost one. These pre-plans of buildings were drawn chart by hand, and it does not give a high look.That so our outsourcing SAM STUDIO having latest updated software with experience team to convert all of your paper drawings into digital format.

MEP design

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing of an infrastructure layout design needed for Construction Company to implement it on their construction project. So, far our outsourcing services consist of creative engineers to design a layout of a project and also we are having a layout design for custom needs. Lack of experience in this design project causes the extra expense of estimation. We will successfully finish this project with low cost effective.

HAVC services

Our outsourcing guides for the building contractors, engineers, public constructions, residence, hotels and so many of the HAVC services over past 10 years. Our civil engineers having the experience of HAVC design for a building. With perfect 2D layout, our team was having a lot of HAVC designs and they having the knowledge about perfectly matching designs for corresponding buildings. Our team will finish and submit you with the reasonable time period.

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