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Sam studio provide comprehensive and tailor made solutions to your business with CATI (Computer Aided Telephonic Interview) services. CATI is the front end development system which built using integrated computer systems. It helps to business peoples to conduct the interview through telephone number of the recipients which is dialed by the interviewer. The front end system developed by software applications and inbuilt micro data's. It allows an interviewer to sit behind the computer system and asking the sequence of questions to the responders.The call made using dialing sequence of a telephone number with the assist of the computer system.

Our inbuilt computer software will correct the incorrect answer and make interviewer work quickly by selecting professionals from multiple industries. Surveying and research are the necessity of every small, medium and larger business before it starting. It is essential to analyze the past, present and future of your business before you promote it into your potential customers across the globe. Computer Aided Telephonic Interview is the suitable way to recognize your marketing demands and improve your core business by doing proper research and analysis. CATI used to do market research for your business and analyze marketing trends to improve stats of your business and bring more leads than your competitors.

What Our CATI services will do for your business?

Understanding the marketing demands as well as trends are the crucial factor for every business. Every business owners should realize that what exactly your customers require from you than your competitors. This will help to engage your past and future audiences in hiking your business stats in the leading competitive marketing industry. Outsource CATI services to Sam studio will help to reduce your work pressure and allows business peoples to concentrate on their core business without spending more time, energy, cost, and manpower. According to your personal and business requirements, Sam studio professionals can deliver value added CATI services to improve your business among your potential audiences.

It is a survey technique of potential interviewing through telephone by using telephone software. Our enlightened team interviewers make autodial call to customers to congregate a feedback about the product and company. Initially, our trained team collect the contacts and details of the customers from you and we preload questions related about the product to ameliorate customer satisfaction. We are having trustworthy clients in the world. Our educated team can have trained to spoke over the maximum of language in the world. Also that we are having latest updated software in CATI to perform the best support to a business. We assure that we improve the business into next generation by customer feedback. Our service covers both B2B and B2C interviewing. On the time of interviewing the answers of respective question generated by software is saved in the computer automatically. For this service cost is reasonable.

CATI services


(Tablet-assisted self-interviewing)

(Computer assisted web interviewing)

(Web-assisted personal interviewing)


(Tablet-assisted personal interviewing)

(Paper and pencil interviewing)

(Computer-assisted self-interviewing)


(Smartphone assisted personal interviewing)

(Computer assisted telephonic interviewing)

(Computer assisted personal interviewing)

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