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Electronic Publication

Sam studio offers professional electronic publication services to your business requirements. We can publish your business information's into electronic formats securely to improve your user experiences. Ours outsource electronic publishing services will help to publish your data's into different types of electronic formats such as PDF, magazine, newspaper, E-book, journals and CD-ROM, podcast, file sharing, blogs, mobile applications, and enhanced, collaborative software applications.

We can digitally distribute your written or any types of information are into serious of electronic formats you required from us. Our excellent and knowledgeable professional will analyze your business meeting demands and helps to improve your business strategies at low prices and fast turnaround time. We can change your business information's formats into portable version of electronic formats according to your marketing needs. Instead of publishing your data's into online, we can help to get your information's to your handheld electronic formats which are readable to you. PDF formats and other paper formats such as magazines and newspapers are the most popular electronic publication services. Outsourcing your works to best services provider like Sam studio.

SAM STUDIO having the operation services of converting printed format of data's into electronic data. In this contemporary and speedy world, no one having time to read any form of information in the paper format, all is having high technology mobile phones in hand with a fastest data connection. So our converting team members having the experience of convert a file such as PDF, MS word, XML, HTML and another form into digital format for some of the popular electronic devices. We create e-books for some of the popular devices like Sony reader, apple IOS powered devices like iPod, iPhone, and Nook etc. Also, our team created for PC based readers. All this done by our qualified conversion team if you want to do this simply send the files to us. We finish it with less time period and inexpensive price.

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