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Photo Enhancement Service

SAM STUDIO having the professional editors to change the inadequate images into mind-blowing images. Photo enhancement is nothing but an improvement of photography. At the time of photo suit, there is a chance to occurring interference due to bad climate or sunlight. So we can able to improve at post production. Our creative team members improve the photos by changing adjusting color balance, contrast, brightness, changing density, background change, removing noise and etc. And also our team will change the oldest photo into a latest digital photo with attracting look.Some of our photo enhancement services are- Photo restoration, Image cropping & removal noise, Colour & contrast correction, Red eye removal, Airbrushing, Density correction, Custom correction.

a) Photo restoration

Are you searching for retaining a damaged old photo into mind blowing? Searches will end here. Yes, really we assure that our photo editing team having the long-time experience in photo restoration. By using the latest software our experts will restore the faded, damaged, blotches spotted images into an attractive new look. We show lovable old photos into the new look, in front of our clients within a reasonable time period. Some of our editing services are -

  • Removal of dust and scratches
  • Adding colors to black and white photos
  • Re-applying the color and so on
  • Restoring of required borders
  • Removal of blemish
  • Adjusting minor shake and bad lighting
  • Restoring of damages due to loss of natural coloring
  • Repairing color patch
  • Bringing original from folded images

b) Image cropping & removal noise

If your image size is very large don't worry, we are able to crop depends on needs. Some of them want to use their images as a profile picture in the web. So our talented team can able to crop the images without disturbance of image pixel. And also using latest Photoshop we can remove noises on the images.

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