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Legal Transcription

In the legal transcription, in our outsourcing service, we are preparing text files, only for legal documents. For this legal transcription, we are having experience faculty, because of it is an important voice or text format like law agent, legal lawyers, legal public prosecutors, legal court orders, criminals voice recorder and police investigation reports. We are an explorer in the legal transcription service among other outsourcing services. For in this type of urgent need of files are converted by us with quickly depends upon client needs with reasonable price. For example at the time of video records in the bank robbery, we convert that video into text format to help the police to catch robbers in the quick time period. Some of our legal transcription services are -

Forensic transcription

Are you wanted to transcribe the irregular format of the audio and video? Approach our outsourcing SAM STUDIO having the latest technology to transform the unclear most important audio and video files into the clear format. For example, if any criminal evidence of audio and CCTV videos are not clear means our outsourcing service will help to get an original and clear visualization. The cost for this service is affordable price compare with other outsourcing service providers. Our service includes audio and video captured at the time of the robbery, crime, accident and witness interview.

Investigation transcription

We are expert in transforming the investigation audio/video files into clear data with high quality and sensitive. Investigation audio/video files are most important to solve many problems. In the police department, they are using these files as an evidence to submit it in court. So our transcription team keep that all of the investigation files with secure and safe by usign the latest technology which is completly safe and secure. The cost of this service is affordable price compare with other outsourcing service providers and with the reasonable time period.

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