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Healthcare Software Development Services

Healthcare is most popular, complex and trendy industries in this world and mostly healthcare organization face trouble in their work, data management requirements, regular managing works, data entry works and more Building and tailoring new health care software’s that are the buildup of requirement analysis, design, development, quality analysis, and complete user acceptance testing. Image Solutions India serves you strong expertise in healthcare software development, testing and sustenance across technologies and delivers you good software models.

The growth in the healthcare technology is constantly impacted by a regulatory change such as Meaningful use, HIE, HIPAA, ACO and P4P requirements, evolving healthcare standards and innovation in software technology in healthcare such as HTML5, MVC4.0, Mobile platforms, cloud Computing etc.

Clinical Software Development

Healthcare S/W Development

Cloud Computing S/W Development

Business Intelligence

Analytics Solutions

Patient portal Software Records

Conformance: conforming to current and emerging standards around healthcare interoperability and regulatory compliances such as HIE, HIPAA, P4P guidelines and meaningful use reporting.

Enhancements: supporting and enhancing existing healthcare software applications, including design, structure and development of new features and functionalities, some software related to that are patient portals, mobile enablement etc.

Product Verification: we verify each and every feature in the software, check and test the software, provide end to end product verification and validation support including ONC, FDA compliance. We go through from the first step till establishing the software and deliver to you.

Re-architecture: for seamless migration across technology platforms we re-architecture the software applications, platforms includes mobile and cloud computing infrastructure.

Sustained engineering: Supporting and maintaining legacy healthcare applications for healthcare vendors, including applications on legacy technologies.

Why outsource healthcare services to Sam studio?

We make you better healthcare by providing you information management software, Electronic Medical Report (EMR), CRM software, Health records management software. You might see many software developers but at Sam studio, software developers are finely architected for innovating new software in perfect condition, they are well developed and experience software developers in any platforms. Our team provides strong healthcare domain knowledge, understanding of healthcare workflows and standards, expertise in a range of new and legacy technologies.

Some of our services are-
a) Electronic Medical Record software service       b) Claim processing software service       c) Practice management software service

Benefits of Healthcare Software Development

According to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) act our outsourcing SAM STUDIO is developing the medical software for a physician, patient record maintenance, claim calculation and healthcare institutions etc. Our experts were having the knowledge to develop the custom software according to your purpose and requirement. Our software engineers are well talented to create new software without any code copying from competitor’s software with cost-effective.

a) Reducing and controlling costs.
b) We improve your company focus.
c) We have experienced software for the healthcare industry that never fails.
d) Our software always stands in good rankings and results.
e) Gaining access to world class capabilities.
f) High-quality services.
g) Customer relationship with patients.

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