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Medical Transcription

Sam studio also specialized medical transcription services with our healthcare services. With our cost effective and qualitative medical transcription technique, we serve many healthcare industries by converting or transcribing their voice recorded files into suitable text or electronic formats. Medical transcription is the process of converting recorded speech by the physicians and voice recorded speech into suitable electronic formats or text file formats based on your requirements.

In healthcare industries, doctors should provide detailed medical records about patient treatment, tests, and diagnosis report and maintain their own medical records. For these conditions, healthcare professionals must read these documents and convert it into suitable digital and analog formats to keep patient medical reports in an efficient way. Sometimes, they are using phone dictated system to record their voice reports. To concentrate on their other core competencies and reduce risks, they are outsourcing their medical voice recorded speech and audio documents into outsourcing transcription services provider.

Our medical records or reports are generated into two categories are an outpatient report and inpatient report. We are providing following medical reports with our medical transcription services are History and physical report, Letters, Correspondence, Chart note, Pathology report, Radiology report, History report analysis, Discharge summary, Billing and coding process.

Our medical transcription professionals can understand your business requirements and delivers suitable quality transcribing services by converting the documents such as recorded, written formats into the required format our customers actually wants. Sam studio healthcare professionals are well experienced and they have years of experience in transcription and they will deliver professional high-quality medical transcription services to your industrial requirements.

Why outsource medical transcription services with us?

All of the outsourcing needs were having the mentality and searching instantly for the low cost of service with a quick submission. Our outsourcing service will fulfill your expectation and also fulfilling past years for our valuable clients. In a long time your searches going about the low cost and you visit a number of outsourcing service providers, on that some of them they notify that they will do their service for low cost, but that is may or may not be possible. Because it is just a statement to attract you to get services, but we professional team “Talk less but Work more”, it is not a statement to get an order from the customers, it is our assurance and truth. We are saying this in strong by having a talented, adaptable, innovative team member in our outsource.

Our vision is not to earn enormous amount providing 100% customer satisfaction with lost cost. From the low-level business owners to high-level business owners all of them were expecting cost effective for the outsourcing service. Those customers can approach our team. Offshore is nothing but the low cost of service providers having the clients overall the world. And also is handling the orders from abroad situated in the lower labor cost or tax savings. We are happy to work with you, our focus in not in whether you are big or small. All of our services is in equal range with extraordinary. Some of the services having the chance to take a long time to finish, but we say the with-in a reasonable time period depend on your need we will submit successfully. Quick submission means we won't do any forensic or wrong methods to ramp-up your orders, service was having perfect and matching your requirements.

Our outsourcing SAM STUDIO having the ability to transform all the non-uniform medical data's into as per client requirements. Our transcription team having the knowledge to transcribe your data's into meaningful. Our service covers from clinic to multi-specialty hospitals using latest transcription software's. These back office services will be finished within reasonable time period consist of low cost of service.

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