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Image Clipping Services

Photos are important in our lifetime that may be professional, entertainment and any special occasion, so we always think that image should be good for a long time. Sometimes when you take a picture, some objects may interfere with the background, sometimes you feel background blur and dull and sometimes you feel that background is necessary. At this moment you feel to remove the background, and you may feel difficult to remove the background and you want someone to do that work perfectly and they are familiar with the background removal work. There are good and professional editors are always available in Sam Studio, put your hands with us, we make you good result that what you have expected.

Image clipping services of our outsourcing SAM STUDIO having some of the services like Eliminate unwanted parts, Separate a part in an image, create a new image, combine the clipped image with a new image etc.With the using of latest clipping software, we are having the knowledge to clip your images without any occurrence or inaccurate. Our image editing experts are having the good experience of clipping images with the affordable time period and low cost of operation.

What is clipping path technique?
Photoshop clipping path is the process of isolating your images from their existing backgrounds and apply the clear cut images into new different transparent backgrounds based on customer needs. Sam studio specialized in following clipping path techniques are, Basic Clipping path, Medium clipping path, Moderate clipping path, Clipping path with shadow creation, Clipping path with flatness, Multi clipping path with color correction

Clipping path services to Remove Backgrounds
Sam Studio offers you background removal technique for many clients, we remove the background and add to the other background, clipping the path, removes the unwanted background, remove the object or person present on the background of your image, remove the blur and consistency and give you bright and attractive image.

-> We remove the background for vehicles, mobiles, jewelry, clothes, accessories and more.
-> We remove the background for any function or program images such as a wedding, any corporate function, and parties.
-> We remove background for company logos, identity images etc.
-> We even remove the person in the background accurately.

Image masking technique when clipping path is not required

Alpha channel masking

These images make it hard to create layers which provides the possible way to create even edges & isolated images, getting rid of any blurriness.

Advanced & complex layers

This technique is very useful at removing translucent and semi- transparent objects from photos. These objects can include small details such as hair or fur.

Translucent photo masking

This helps to remove translucent photo masking from the setting of an image or get rid of unflattering pixels which makes image looks nice.

College masking

This is performed by a collection of images that makes the attractive look. This is used to mask images for websites, brochures, and catalogs.

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