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Medical Billing and Coding

Sam studio is specialized services provider in offering outsourcing medical billing and coding services. In the healthcare industry, medical billing and coding are the crucial factor to analyzes the appropriate payments are made by the patient from their insurance company. It involves many processes. The excellent and experienced professionals at Sam studio have years of experience in healthcare industry, they deliver cost effective and secure services to our customer’s industrial requirements.

Our professionals are using powerful tools to maintain your medical records and they are working for several healthcare industries across the globe. Our professional medical and coding services included fees review, billing setting up, enrollment reviews, patient registration process, collecting and insurance policy details, coding, charge entry, payment processing, patient report generation, monthly and week report maintenance.

The main reasons for using medical billing and coding technique used for many medical or healthcare industries to make their job easier. To inventing new medical challenges in today’s leading competitive marketing edge, healthcare professionals should concentrate on their core business processing work into outsourcing companies like us. This will help to improve their concentration on other medical industry development or health development activities.

Experienced professionals at Sam studio are working with their advanced skills and delivers suitable outcomes at affordable rates and fast turnaround time. Our experts are working with different healthcare industries such as Internal Medicine, Chiropractic, Chiropractic, Family Practice, Pain Management, Podiatry, Infectious Disease, and Optometry.

Advantages of our services

Revenue cycle management

Medical billing process

Medical claims to process

Hospital billing process

Medical coding process

Medical record indexing

Why outsource medical billing and coding services to Sam studio?

Our professionals can make patient registration using front end system to create their medical records & maintain up to date information’s for all patient.
Collecting the insurance and policy details from the specific policyholders to make payments by getting from them
Maintain the accurate coding for treatment, diagnosis, medical tests and medical history
Create bill flow chart for their medical records or billing statements and send it into both patients and insurance companies.

Get outsourcing medical billing and coding services from Sam studio. Our customers across the globe are getting beneficial services from us and make their job easier. Yes, your searching is going perfectly match in this site. Our outsourcing SAM STUDIO realize the expectation about the preparation of end-to-end medical billing and coding. Our talented and experienced team members are ready to prepare an asymmetrical form of medical billing. With clear description we will submit customer’s medical billing and coding; by using this, you can avoid fraud calculation of medical billing, claiming, prescription billing and service charges etc.

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