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Electrical Engineering

Our proven track record shows off our excellence in Electrical Engineering Services. Our team is having the experience of designing the electrical layout by working with multi-level companies together. We are flexible servicing you, to attain high performance and high speed with full technical support. Our experts were having the best knowledge to design the electrical design layout for a fantastic commercial and non-commercial needs. We have finished so many projects in the field of electrical system design to control, manage and monitor the power distribution.

Our qualified and high-reliability electrical installation services for the newly constructed apartments, office building, Operation theaters in hospitals, function halls, hotels, restaurants, schools, colleges and on and on are carefully integrated by developed software programs and hardware equipment. All of these works were done without wasting the electrical equipment's and there are no any fraud calculations in our products buying. All of this circuit connections were designed with secured by protecting in the natural disturbances and we promise that there is never an occurrence of electrical accidents.

We offer this service for the customized electrical circuits for the purpose of protection, security lock, Voice controlling device, Time counter, Automatic start up motors etc. We are following IEEE, ISO, CENELAC, DIN, IEC, ANSI and other standard formats. With reasonable cost, we offer this service to you with less time period.

Are you searching for retaining a damaged old photo into mind blowing? Searches will end here. Yes, really we assure that our photo editing team having the long-time experience in photo restoration. By using the latest software our experts will restore the faded, damaged, blotches spotted images into an attractive new look. We show lovable old photos into the new look, in front of our clients within a reasonable time period.

The Programming Languages that are used in our flexible and responsive electrical services are FORTRAN, C/C++, ADA, JAVA and so many Programming languages are used in accordance with the needs and requirements of the design and service. We at SAM Studio always prefer the latest technology to hand over a high professional standard as well as safe and secure electrical engineering service.

And Our SAM STUDIO' S Electrical Engineers and technicians are talented, experienced in the advanced Software Packages to design and integrate, maintain, monitor, upgrade, protect the electrical system properly which are listed below:

  • MATLAB-Simulink
  • Beacon
  • NPSS
  • Rhapsody
  • LabVIEW
  • Model Advisor
  • Check Model
  • Synergy (Configuration Management)

SAM STUDIO having the talented and adapted electrical engineers to outsource the best service for the clients. Our team having the experience about designing the electrical circuit like PCB (Printed Circuit Board) layout design, Electrical layout design. We are servicing you at the time of on-going construction work. Our experts were having the best knowledge to design the electrical design layout for a fantastic home or office. With reasonable cost, we offer this service for you with less time period.

Electrical Engineering Services

Outdoor Substation Yards
Cable Reticulation Works
Township Electrical Services
Building Management
Renewable energy generation
Township Electrical Services

Power Transmission And Distribution Systems
Access Instrumentation and Control Systems
Emergency lighting and communication systems
Electrical Installations in Buildings, Industries
Generator and Uninterruptible Power
Medium voltage and Low
Voltage Substations
Fire Detection and Gas Extinguishing
Motor Control Centers
CCTV Installations

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