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What is Data Entry?

It is the process in which the data or text is entered into a computerized data sheet in a professional manner. It is one kind of data recording system using an electronic or mechanical device. This sequential process of entering data involves the keyboard, scanner and voice recognition process.

Data Conversion Services in Data Management

Data conversion is one of the most important techniques in overall data management services. It is the process of converting one format of data into another format. In the digital world, everything has turned into a computerized or electronic format. It also defines; the data are transformed from analog into digital format also meant by data conversion technique.

Data Mining Software’s and Application

In today’s dynamic business world, so many researches are conducted to review the data mining survey. Carrot2, ELKI, GATE, KNIME, NLTK, UIMA, OpenNN, R, Angoss KnowledgeSTUDIO, LIONsolver, SAS Enterprise Miner, Qlucore, Oracle Data Mining, Microsoft Analysis Services, IBM SPSS Modeler are the most common Data Mining Softwares and applications used in the commercial, marketing, genetics as well as in the cybernetics, in order to Promote and Develop the business. Types of Data Conversion Services-

  • XML conversion
  • SGML and HTML conversion
  • Catalogue conversion
  • CAD conversion
  • Document (to word) conversion
  • Tape to CD conversion
  • Book (to PDF) conversion
  • CAD conversion

Benefits of outsourcing with sam studio

The Data conversion process will provide security to updating, deleting, and managing complex data’s to make your business in an effective manner.
Upgrading the use of data conversion ensures the overall productivity of your business
The Outsourcing data conversion will help to save you effort, time and money and it allows you to concentrate on your core business
Data redundancy issue will eliminate in data conversion technique.

Why should focus on reliable data processing to your organizational growth?

There are multiple industries such as engineering, media and advertising, telecommunications, banking, financial and insurance services and etc. handling multiple paper-based documents to maintain their business records and database information’s. But, in this modern technology world, transforming and updating paper-based documents are not at all possible at when you require. By avoiding these toughest circumstances, our experienced professionals at Sam studio working for your organization and business needs and read your business needs and delivers electronic based outputs according to your requirements. We are specialized in three types of data processing services are followed by,

  • Commercial data processing
  • Back office data processing
  • Forms processing
  • Credit card processing
  • Online data processing
  • Re-engineering data processing
  • Image processing services
  • Credit card processing
  • Transaction processing services
  • Survey processing

Online data processing -
A professional and outsourcing data processing services will drive your business into the competitive marketing edge. This technique will handle you all types of business information’s and convert them into the online format by storing business-related data’s into required databases.

Forms processing -
Copying data’s from your handwritten formats or soft copies and store it into computerized devices. By using depth data analytics, we will extract your business data’s from giving formats and store it in a secure format. You can accessible your data’s through any types of internet mediums and handheld devices. By outsourcing data processing services to Sam studio, you can get rid of using unwanted data’s and access your relevant business data’s efficiently.

Image processing services -
According to the growth of the online marketing industry, every business owners are finding new and exclusive ways to reach their potential business into their targeted audiences. Promoting your product photographs over the internet is the most effective way to attract more online customers. By keeping in this mind, the professional image processing service provider at Sam studio will deliver world-class outsourcing solutions to your business requirements. We are specialized in serving many industries to promote their business such as retail, E-commerce, real estate, Photography, Studios and Personal needs, etc. we have equipped with a professional team of graphic designers, they have years of experience in professional photo editing tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Coral draw.

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