Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

SAM STUDIO is offshore outsourcing service providers in the development of custom software. Our outsourcing software development consists of highly qualified and experienced team to the development of specific software for customer needs. We are having a number of clients in the world and still successfully running our outsourcing by developing tailor-made software’s. Our SAM STUDIO is one of the growing companies in India. SAM STUDIO understand your business needs and develop highly complicated application software’s with user-friendly and it easily guides you. Our team worked from individual to top level companies in the world. Our talented team having the experience to develop the custom software’s in windows, Linux, Ubuntu etc.

Our certified software developing team, develop the custom software’s for,

  • Cloud application software
  • Desktop application software
  • Web and user interface design

Some of our services are,

a) CRM application

In this age entire businesses were run by the one and only customer relationship. CRM stands Customer relationship management. Customers are giving life to all the business and they are basement to grow your business. All the companies were changing their business trend every day only from customer’s satisfaction and feedback. For this, they need robust software to collect the feedback from the customers about the product.

To achieve this, our outsourcing SAM STUDIO having the highly qualified and experienced staffs in software development to underpin and insight their business to customers by creating the CRM application software. We are Cost effective offshore outsourcing service providers in the development of CRM software. In India, we are running our outsourcing overall 500 clients by creating their custom software with successfully. CRM application software is must to analyse the current status and growth of customer’s product in the market. If you want to achieve the company vision and mission, then need to apply CRM application for that brand product. Simply give this risk to our outsourcing, our team will take care as our own project and they develop the CRM software relates to products which contain customer feedback, product satisfaction, product stability, easy marketing, price opinion, service facilities, complaint section, customer care section, competitors product opinion and model upgrade etc.

From this solution clients can research and analyse the company, it will increase the sales in future and we assure that we made your company as a most wanted in the globe. For this CRM application software development is a need to spent lot of money, it will achieve only by high ranked companies but in our outsourcing SAM STUDIO offers for low and medium level companies with cost effective.

b) GIS application

GIS stands Geographic Information System. Are you hiring for GIS application software, It is going terminate here. Our outsourcing SAM STUDIO were having the innovative technology in the development of GIS application software. Whether an outsourcing needs are an individual or organization we can develop the GIS software to find the details and total structure of the earth. We can provide this software as in the mobile application. Our team will develop the software with user-friendly, HD view, quick loading platform, supports all OS’s and mobile application, supports overall the globe. It is high technology software, only the experts and high qualified professionals can able to do triumph like our outsourcing staffs.

Our experts will design this software from the basic of panorama 360⁰ visualization. So give us the GIS application development service to us. We will finish and submit within a reasonable time period with cost effective.

Some of the advantage of our service,

  • Advanced option which uses for research of earth
  • Easy location of current place
  • Used for tourists
  • Weather department can arrange a pre-arrangements
  • Target location in defence
  • Using in aircraft
  • Avoidance air traffic
  • Finding BIS for architectures
  • Making road and railway tracks
  • Finding the commercial purpose locations around you
  • Space travelling

c) Billing application

All the commercial and non-commercial purpose now a day they provide a printed billing for customers. In this modern world, they don’t like to bill on the handwriting. So far, our outsourcing SAM STUDIO having the experience to develop innovative billing software for clients by our software professionals.

We having a number of clients overall India in that lot of them were commercial business clients. If you in a commercial business or not, billing needs for both buyer and seller for further clarifications, product exchange, product service, paying tax etc. So give that billing software development service to us without any doubt. Our team were having the standard structure of billing pages by collecting from the analysis of buyers and sellers’ feedback such as scanning, checking, calculation offers etc. Also, we are having the ability to develop custom software which is innovative and sophisticated. In our outsourcing, billing software application is cost effective. We finish this service within reasonable time period.

We offer this service for,

  • All commercial shops
  • Government sectors
  • Educational institutions
  • Medical billing
  • Insurance department
  • Private sectors
  • Transport service
  • Buying vehicles
  • Small business etc.

Common process of our billing software in commercial purpose were,

  • Scanning the products
  • Checks with inward data
  • Adding products
  • Calculation of any offers
  • Final billing page
  • Proceed to print out

d) ERP application

ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. Are you searching for the software to maintain the company’s entire process consist of back office and CRM application? Whether our clients are small or multi-Range Company we provide an innovative ERP software application with our world best outsourcing service provider SAM STUDIO. In the entire business, there are a lot of processes were flow in various departments like accounts, customer care, human resource, marketing department etc. It is difficult to use individual software for every department.

So far our outsourcing SAM STUDIO having the talented and qualified professionals to develop the ERP software for custom needs. It integrates you in one streamline from various process flows in the entire organization. We reduce the in-home expenses of the organization with low cost of expense for our service. Also, our experts develop the software by generating the synchronized reports and no need to force staffs to create a database in a spreadsheet or any other. From this application company’s overall work will be finished within the quick time period and you can achieve company goals within a count of years. We developed this software with quick and accurate by robust technology.

Why you want to use ERP application for your company,

  • Reducing manpower
  • Increasing sales strategy
  • Latest trend
  • Easy communication
  • Less process flow
  • Quick achieving goals
  • Reduce research process and cost

e) E-learning appliances

Our outsourcing SAM STUDIO offers Electronic learning for companies to educate their staffs, customers regarding business growth. And also, we offer E-learning for individual requirements. Now a day all of the peoples were using electronic equipment together like android mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc. Mostly these services are valuable for learning whether it is an organization or educational institutions. Our qualified team will provide engaging, interactive, customized structure of E-learning to create an employees workforce. For an effective training of an employee approach, our SAM STUDIO consist of well-designed, adaptive team to underpin clients business. We designed for both the system and mobile appliances for E-learning. This service is most effective in low cost.

SAM STUDIO consist some of the methods in E-learning, they are

  • Web-based learning
  • Computer-based learning
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Mobile based learning
  • Online course
  • Product demos
  • Online PDF download
  • Mobile PDF download
  • Online newspaper reading
  • Online books reading

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