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In the globe engineering needs are becoming indispensable and advanced growing technology with our daily life. We are fast growing and internationally recognized outsourcing service providers in engineering services as SAM STUDIO.

In our engineering services the team members worked in globally and now they all are in the mentor to our engineering service. All the team mentors were the best pool of engineering professionals in individual departments.

We are running past successful years these outsourcing services; the secret of outsourcing is our innovative team with versatile and following six sigma processes in engineering service. We finish successfully in all the engineering categories like architecture, construction, drafting, electrical designing and structural development. All our service feels to clients as the best meet of the geographical model.

In mechanical services we using latest software version in CAD and also using new technology for all conversion or drafting. In electrical service, all the circuit designs were simulated by updated simulation software and checked by highly trained professionals

Offering engineering service is our vision that becomes world track record compare with our competitor's. Ours outsource joint with a number of clients in globe because of our quality and assurance of service in engineering work. Not only for engineering service, over all the services of SAM STUDIO having an affordable price. Each and every engineering service was having an individual specialist to do their job perfectly.

If you won't believe our engineering service, just give us one opportunity to prove our originality in engineering services. We have our own outsourcing website with 24x7 supporting customer care.

Mechanical Engineering

Our outsourcing SAM STUDIO is one of the foremost service providers in engineering services. We are the pioneer in mechanical engineering services like CAD conversion, drafting, modeling, tower and pipeline design in India.

Even More

Why you want to engineering services for us?

  • We serves many industries such as Designing, Studios, Marketing firms
  • Affordable cost for our service
  • Assurance
  • Online support
  • 24x7 customer care support
  • Highly qualified engineers
  • Latest technology software
  • Achieved vision and mission