Audio and Video Transcription

Transcription is the process of transcribing your audio/video file formats into a documentary format or electronic formats. Get quick and high-quality audio and video transcription services from Sam studio. We are one of the fast accurate transcription services providing company located in India. Our services will help to your both personal and industrial requirements. Usually, transcription is the process of converting one format into another format using professional transcription methodology.

Sam studio is something different than other outsourcing services provider. Our beneficial services will help to enhance many business and industries to develop their core competencies. Our focus is not only pointing to serve people and their business in any one location. Our motto is serving goods to the various types of business among the globe. Our business supported transcription services are definitely meet your marketing demands and bring valuable business to enhance it into their next level.

Audio Transcription services:

Audio transcription is the process of converting audio or recorded speech will convert into text files and other readable file formats such as word and PDF documents or electronic-based documents. We have experienced and qualified team of transcription professionals, they can easily understand your business based requirements and delivers affordable outcomes at reasonable costs.

Our team can efficiently transcribe your audio tapes, speeches, voice recorded formats, music, dictations, interviews, digital sound files into text files as per your favorable option. Our audio transcription services helping for following industries are interview transcription, conference, business meetings, telephone, technical interviews, group discussions, seminar, and market research industries.

Video transcription services:

Sam studio provides highly professional video transcription services to video based or video recorded files into requiring text files you require. We are providing guaranteed video transcription services to your video files in DVD formats, podcasts, video tapes, streaming media’s and webcast. Our expertise team will analyzes and transcribe your files and delivers secure captioning, video text, subtitles alone with coding and time stamping.

Especially our video transcription will help for cine industries and helps industry people to enhance their internet videos and television production services.

Some of our media transcription services are,

  • YouTube video transcription
  • Create video subtitle
  • Podcast and webcast transcription
  • Film/movie script transcription
  • Time stamping/time coding

Do you prefer premier outsourcing service for transmission of files? Your search ends here. We are the well-known outsourcing service provider for transmission service in the global level. Whether the files are audio or video, our transcription team can convert it into a text file within quick turnaround time.

For this transcription service, the team must consist of best professionalism for the fast and accurate result from audio/video files. Our outsourcing team were attaining this term successfully, from past year of service in our history. Our specialty is providing the highest quality of text files in our transcription service.

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