Our telemarketing services by call service help you’re your products brought to your latent customer. They entail of numerous call offering including telesales, B2B telemarketing, and C2B marketing. We are provided more than simply calls. Our telemarketing services exclude phone surveys for several organizations both whether small scale or large scale business.

We are in this industry to provide telemarketing on a reasonable fee basis and contract basis. Our expertise tale callers use phone or mail to promote your products or services, take orders, solicit contributions or afford information on behalf of clients with high proficiency.

A telemarketing call is to be purpose to offer to include:

  • Advertise the product
  • Promote goods and services
  • Real estate promotion
  • Business investment
  • Investment opportunity
  • Promote a supplier of any of the above
  • Solicit donations

Our tale caller combines volume and experience to deliver outbound call services with the exact determination. We offer a complete array of outbound call services, helping you to get associated to customers, clients in addition to staff in a range of ways. We can easily answer phone calls retaining our greatest valued interactive voice response (IVR) application which answer calls without an executive.

In recent days, every call centers facing numerous difficulties and balancing their requirements. Each call centers delivers unique challenges to resolve. SAMSTUDIO call services focus on producing leads, surveys, telemarketing and collection, mortgage loan, insurance, and sales.

SAM STUDIO’s wide range offshore call centers services are inbound telemarketing and customer services, and outbound telemarketing and customer care services. Includes:

Inbound telemarketing services

  • Insurance claims services
  • Order taking services
  • Inquiry services
  • Cross selling services
  • Product verification services
  • Catalogs sales services

Outbound telemarketing services

  • Arranging appointments
  • Confirming information
  • Telemarketing sales services
  • Customer satisfaction survey services
  • Product sales services

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