“The customer’s perception is your reality” – Kate Zabriskie.

SAM STUDIO is working hard to what clients imagining that beyond what is good. We will get solemn business to the customer that, every customer is important. The biggest challenges in retail business convert the accessibility of physical infrastructure of a brick and mortar store into an actual force given the Omnichannel consumers have at their clearance.

Retail industry well sweeping by transformation of technology. Consumers are more well-versed and connected with the global market. They want window shopping, mobile shopping, personalized service and instant satisfaction. These moderate things rise to innovative Omni-channel retailing, mobile application, customer data mining, approachable supply chained and cutting edge technology.

Consumers are eager the move to Omni-channel. Whether in your store, on their smartphone, using chat from their desktop, or on the phone, your always expect nothing less that whole and easy access experience, anyhow of the channel they use.

SAM STUDIO retail service optimizes customer service and sales across the channels to build advanced customer satisfaction, built trust, revenue grows, and managing to reduce operational cost.

SAM STUDIO embedding analyzes everything that what we do, we can help you take out costs while cultivating customer gratification and revenue the customer maturation: customer service, sales, credit check, and collections. We associate worldwide services, inventive technology, and radical analytics into a customized solution created to customer’s needs.

SAM STUDIO boosts retailers with the tremendous following services:

  • Sales service
  • B2B services (business to business)
  • C2B services (consumer to business)
  • Polyglot support services
  • Warranty services
  • Logistics services
  • Credit/Debit Card services
  • Technical associate

We have optimized customer's pulse and enlightening the service which is about to sales, credit, and collection. We team up with technology and cutting-edge analytics into adapted solutions. From mail marketing to customer prizes programs to expedient, secure billing and payment options, we offer a valuable solution to inspire customer trust.

In recent days consumers use many ways to buy products, they expected to fast providing their needs, reliable and seamless services in stores, online and smartphone retailing. We trained to help you a 360-degree view of consumer’s service with greater vision into the consumer experience.

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