Software Testing Techniques and methodologies

Black Box Testing

The Black-box testing is one of the software testing methods, in which the testing process is carried out without the interior knowledge of the software. The tester cannot know how and where the inputs are programmed after giving the inputs.

The Black-box testing methods include several testing such as an Equivalence Partitioning, Boundary Value Analysis, All-Pairs Testing, State Transition Tables, Decision Table Testing, Fuzz Testing, Model-Based Testing, Use Case Testing and Exploratory Testing.

White Box testing

This method of Testing the software is highly effective in solving the problems because the tester ha excellent knowledge about the internal structure and coding in the program.

The White-box testing technique is otherwise known as Clear Box Testing, Glass Box Testing, Transparent Box Testing and Structural Testing. The white-box testing techniques include API testing, Code coverage, Fault injection methods, Mutation testing methods, Static testing methods

Gray Box Testing

In this method of software testing, the tester will have limited knowledge of the internal structure and codings. That's why Gray Box Testing is called as the combination of White Box as well as Black Box Testing.

Agile Testing

This type of software testing follows the principles of Agile Software Development.

Ad Hoc Testing

In the Ad Hoc Testing method, the software Testing method is carried out without any predetermine plan or documentation.

Software Testing methodologies:

Functional Testing

Functional Testing is used to verify the function of the code. Generally, the code requirements are identified by this testing. Some of the Functional Software Testing Methodologies are as follows:

Non-Functional Testing

NonFunctional Testing is used to determine the breaking point instead of verifying the code function. The Break Point is the point at which the performance of the software leads to unstable execution. Listed below are some of the NonFunctional Software Testing Methodologies:

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