The Process involved in the Software Development process

It deals with the process of creating software. The Software Development involves the step by step process such as Analysis, Planning, Design, Implementation, Testing, Maintenance. By developing the software, one may develop the business in a successful manner.


In this busy enterprise environment, the development of software generally arises from a need or due to rectifying a problem. Analyzing the problem – This is the first step in software development, in which proper analyzing of the problem was found out.

Depending upon the field of business, the analysis process may vary. When coming to the online sales and marketing, the analysis is based on the commercial software product which was derived from the market demands. Likewise, in accordance with the field of business, the analysis strategy will vary, but the resultant outcome will identify the needs to meet the goals of the business.


Planning is an essential one for each and every activity before the task starts. And here, Planning is usually the second part of Software Development. In accordance with the analysis, a well-structured plan was constructed to build a software. Some adjustments are made according to the necessity. In order to address specific improvement, modification software planning process.


This stage of designing was started when a well planning is decided to develop a software. A highly qualified technical specialist will design the frame of the software development. Here the functional specifications of the software play a major role while designing the product development.

An individual software components are designed to describe the each step, procedure and levels of function during the designing process. A software design document is established, after knowing the needs and requirements of the software.


This phase of implementation is usually a long part in the software development process. By understanding the design of the software, the implementation process is started which includes some programming languages, applications, computer programs and on and on.

A new software program is implemented which will explore newer version with advanced features than the previous version.


Sometimes it may happen to merge so many coding parts together to develop a software. In this situation, the test is carried out it ensure that, the program will execute properly on merging the codings. It will work out properly before merging it together. But after the merging of codings, it is necessary to test the program to verify the program has no error.


Maintenance is the most significant task that have to be kept up all the times. Regular and proper maintenance will lead to discovering new problems at the time of its initial stage. By rectifying it quickly, one may solve the problem quite easily.

Sometimes, the extension of the program is carried out to discover new things. Extension in the sense adding new coding parts to the existing program in order to make some changes. Subsequently, the extension of a program needs formal maintenance of the software program.

Pros and Cons of Software Development:

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Custom Software Development

Custom Software is one kind of software which is designed for the specific user or for a group of user in an organization. Custom Software is developed in order to work with the industries like Human Resource Management, Customer Management, Content Management and Inventory Management.

The Advantages of Custom Software Development:

The Disadvantages of Custom Software Development:

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