A brief history about the Windows XP advent

Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on April 4, 1975. Windows 1.0 was invented by Bill Gates on November 20, 1985. Bill Gates says that Windows 1.0 is unique software designed for Personal Computers. The Windows XP operating system was released to manufacturing on August 24, 2001, and generally released for retail sale on October 25, 2001.

The Windows XP development in the Software Development method deals the Migrating an existing file from Windows XP applications in advanced and the upcoming operating system like Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.

Why migrate from Windows XP?

The Merits of Windows XP Development:

The Demerits of Windows XP Development:

Overview of Application Maintenance and Support Services:

Application Maintenance and Support Changes could happen due to incorrect input values or else by the fault in the system. So for every application and software proper and regular maintenance is required. Ongoing maintenance will enhance the business applications and requirements.

The professional Application Maintenance and Support Service will proffer reliable technical support at lower cost, an enhanced response from the system and improved resolution time. The application maintenance includes configuration management, Product Review, Preventive Maintenance, Minor and Major Enhancements, SLA Management, Database Administration.

And the effective Application support services include Database Monitoring, Product Enhancement, Quality Assurances, Production Support, Application Monitoring and on and on.

Software Testing

Define the term Software Testing The term Software Testing refers to the a process of finding out the error in the software without correcting it. It will provide a detailed description, objective about the software.

The goal of Software Testing: The general goal of software testing is to declare the quality of software systems. The proper software testing will find out the default, defects on implementing the software.

Types of software Testing: Automation Testing – From the name itself, it is clear that another software is used to test the software product. Manual Testing –In the Manual Testing, the software is tested manually.

Software Testing Tools:

The following tools can be used for software testing automatically:

Mobile Software Development Services Provider

In this fast-growing automation world, the invention of new technology travels more than the speed of the light. Recently, the mobile device users are incredibly increased. This is due to the advantages like compatibility, comfort, and portability.

And so the web searches on mobile devices become more on comparing with the web searchers by their personal computer. As the number of handheld devices such as tablets, iPhones, mobile phones, smartphones expand dramatically, people like to search via their mobile devices or mobile phones.

Thus, the significant increase and impact of mobile device users result in the demands for Mobile Software Development. This will become a challenging task for the Software Developers to come with different, innovative as well as creative Mobile Softwares.

Listed are some of the essential features in the modern mobile system: Advanced games, touch screen, cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS mobile navigation, the camera with high MP, video camera (both rear and front), speech recognition, voice recorder, music player, near field communication and infrared blaster.

Mobile Software Development or Mobile Application Development is the one which is increasingly searchable term by the top most organizations for their present and future projects which will meet their business needs.

Mobile Operating System:

The Mobile Operation System is an Operating System which is specially designed for mobile devices. The Operating System for mobile devices and the Operating System for Personal Computers, Laptop is different, because the desktop of the Computers will not show off the functions of mobile devices.

Types in Mobile Operating System:

Just figure out some of the familiar as well as top most Mobile Operating System

Mobile Application Development Platforms:

Dojo, Verivo Software, Appcelerator, JQuery Mobile, Sencha, Adobe, Kony, Antenna, Syclo, SAP these are the top most Mobile Application Development Platforms.

The Pros of Mobile Software Development:

The Cons of Mobile Software Development:

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